Quarantine Queen

We've all had that one wish before to work from home, or even just to #stayhome and just do absolutely nothing! It seemed unrealistic once upon a time, but now it's our unfortunate reality.

While staying home, we definitely went through phases of fashion. Meaning that we had our "just chill" outfits to our "I miss outside" outfits 😂.

Chill Sets have been the most trending outfits since the stay home order. Boutique owners have been taking advantage of the now, by selling these type of outfits. Then there are other boutique owners that have been planning for when outside opens back up, by selling beachwear and high-fashion looks.

Let's Chill 🍷


Where's Outside 👀

What about the ladies that have a man at home, I'm sure their man are tired of seeing the messy bun with the joggers. They want to see something sexy every now and then right. I'm sure Victoria Secret is selling out now. How about the "store runs", everybody seems to be overly dressed because that's the only place they have to go.

There has also been a lot of closet cleaning going on, older outfits are being replaced for quarantine outfits 🤷‍. A lot of wigs have been being purchased as well, along with the press-on nails. More razors are being bought as well 😬. You get the drift.

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