How to Look Fly on the Fly 💋

Fist things first, do what you feel... PERIOD!

Let's just say that you have 20 minutes to be at your next appointment but it's a must that you are turning heads. You were invited to a brunch with the "who's who" of your hometown 👀. At this point you are scrambling through all your bad-ass pieces in your closet and is totally confused on what to wear! You already have on light make-up, this is the reason you are running behind in the first place.

You're trying to determine if you want to go high-fashion or moderate. You are more than certain that everyone will be posting on the gram. You already have your wig ready to slip on and your make-up done. Heels or flats? Tote or crossbody? Decisions, decisions 🤷‍♀️.

A two-piece set is always a winner for these occasions. Not too much thought has to be put into it, because it's an already put together outfit which can be dressed up or down, whether heels or flats.

How about the basic of the basics, a white tee, jeans (to your desire) and a cardigan. This is the most simple but yet the best "on the fly" outfit ever. Your only job will be to accessorize it, with a couple necklaces to give that stacked affect, maybe a charm bracelet, or a cluster of rings on each finger.

A maxi or midi dress won't hurt either. This gives off a sexy vibe, never know who you will meet 😍. A pair of nude pumps, open toe sandals, or even a nice pair of flip flops can make this happen. Hold-up, let's not forget about the ankle boots or booties, they are definitely a go-to shoe.

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